Who I Am

I am no longer a junior at Seattle Pacific University, double-majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, but I was when I wrote this page and I'm leaving the rest of it intact because that's more fun. More from past Ell:

I have basically been majoring in both of those my whole life on the side, hacking at code and taking things apart, so when I got to college, I figured I'd make it official. Being as how I have a tendency to like to hack at things, I am involved in a lot of projects across the interwebs - check out my projects and programs pages for more about that.

Around the web, I go by several handles, centering around "Cinco De Nada" - a nickname given to me freshman year of high school in tennis, when I stood approximately 5'0" tall, derived from some semblance of Spanish. It stuck, since it lends itself well to variations, and has a decent ring to it. Some variants, besides cincodenada, have been fiveofoh, 5of0, fiveofzero, and of course, the literal translation - "a fifth of nothing." In the real world, I go by the much more sensible Ell Bradshaw. The IRS likes it better that way.

Other than that, there's not too much to tell. I'm a geek and glad to be one, and will never stop tinkering with things. It's my nature. I have a couple blogs, one dedicated to my geekier side, and one to my more philosophical side, if you're curious about either of those.