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Type your sentence above. The word counts and letter pool will update. It will let you know if you use too many letters, and if you get a valid sentence. Also, now hitting "Enter" will shuffle the letters. It will un-shuffle when you keep typing, but for now, that'll have to do.
Additionally, thanks to inspiration/code form @alapl051, it now checks to see if your words are okay in length and are in the list, and can suggest new words. It may be slow for some people/browsers - try Mozilla Firefox if you have problems. Enjoy!
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Wow! I would say it's been a long time since I've thought about this thing, which it has, but I have remembered it from time to time over the years, and checked in to make sure it's still kicking. I just went through and added the final hint and cleared out a few other cobwebs, so do use the chatbox or hit me up on Mastodon if things are funky.
Hey y'all! This thing has evidently proved very useful. [Edit: over the last...13 years?? Holy cow!] So...yeah, keep using it, and let me know if you find any problems with it, by Mastodon or email. Thanks to @pogil for the #qwantzle hashtag. Best of luck, solvers!


2023-02-01 7:00pm: Fixed the w rule to ignore punctuation, thanks to the kind human who messaged me on Mastodon! Also added links to my archive of the corpus.
2023-02-01 10:12am: *taps mic* Hello? Is this thing on?? Huh! I guess it is! Anyway, I added the final hint, and did some tidying. Like Ryan, I love websites and I hope that once corporate aggregation platforms are nothing but a memory, individual websites in all their quirkiness will continue to be around. Happy to do my part in ensuring that stays the case 🙂
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