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Type your sentence above. The word counts and letter pool will update. It will let you know if you use too many letters, and if you get a valid sentence. Also, now hitting "Enter" will shuffle the letters. It will un-shuffle when you keep typing, but for now, that'll have to do.
Additionally, thanks to inspiration/code form @alapl051, it now checks to see if your words are okay in length and are in the list, and can suggest new words. It may be slow for some people/browsers - try Google Chrome if you have problems. Enjoy!
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Pst! If you happen to like collecting and/or sharing quotes, and are on Facebook, check out my Facebook app, Quotebook - you might find it useful.
Hey guys! This thing has evidently proved very useful. So...yeah, keep using it, and let me know if you find any problems with it, by Twitter or email. Thanks to @pogil for the #qwantzle hashtag. Best of luck, solvers!
Also, if you happen to like collecting/sharing quotes, and are on Facebook, check out my Facebook app, Quotebook - you might find it useful.


3/21 1:14am: Woah! This thing got reddited, and the analytics are showing it! Since it's being used more again, I added more lists from @alapl051 and shuffled some things around - let me know what you think.
3/8 8:03pm: Added lot of new lists from @alapl051 and integrated his hints, made things prettier and smoother, and separated out the "valid" list from the "suggestions" list, so you can get suggestions from a different list that constitutes valid words.
3/5 4:50am: I added all kinds of things - I integraded @alapl051's word list checker, with some modifications, and made the errors more awesome. For now it's just my list which is @jadrian's list, with 9-10 and 12+ letter words, non-dictionary words (from my /usr/share/dict/words), words with punctuation, and words that don't fit the puzzle removed. That was about 1/3 of them. I may add more later, let me know if you have suggestions. Right now, I'm going to sleep. It's way past my bedtime. Oh, and if this breaks in IE again...I'll look at it tomorrow. Cheerio!
3/4 2:50pm: Reformatted this box, added hints and more links.
3/4 12:14am: Added a Twitter feed and cbox, and tried to make things look a little better.
3/3 8:43pm: Thanks to @johnlightle's question, got it working on Internet Explorer. Also made the anacryptogram dynamically updatable, too.
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